Ford House Gardens

Stroll through…and smell the roses, amidst the 5 acres of garden and parkland

The gardens surrounding Ford House show a love of traditional English gardening styles combined with personal creativity while still incorporating Australian native plants. Press here for to see some of the expanses of the garden and to see a photobook of the garden

From the grassy banks of the Blackwood River to the formal Rose Parterre at the front, there is an array of colours and textures for every occasion. It is from this garden that many of Jenny’s floral arrangements have their genesis.

Guests have many nooks to relax and perhaps spend a moment of solitude in, or to sit in the sun and read.

Quiet strolls amidst the native areas of the property allow the enjoyment of the birds..(45 varieties at last count) that inhabit this beautiful part of Western Australia.

The garden is incredibly seasonal….. whether it is January (hydrangeas), February (valerians), March, April (autumn foliage), May (bulbs), June ( camellias), July (mists), August (azaleas), September (blossoms), October (foxgloves), November (roses) or December (summer annuals).

Festival of Country Gardens

A garden of all seasons… The Blackwood Festival of Country Gardens is on each year as well.  

To find out more about the festival, click on the wheelbarrow: