The Barn

Delicious breakfasts around a large jarrah table encourage great conversation and many memorable encounters for our guests

WebBarnfruitwall1The person who originally built the barn on the river flats would be amazed by its varied use throughout history. Constructed as a dairy shed, it was later converted into a stable, complete with “Mr.Ed” doors, and a throughway for carriages. John Serventy moved it to high ground near Ford House after the last big flood in January 1982. The barn spent the next decade as a “real man’s shed”, full of nails, wood and all manner of useful men’s stuff.

A hundred years after its birth, in 2000, the Barn was transformed into a wonderful space for exciting festive occasions. It was a bystander in the Olympic Torch relay, enthusiastically clapping its doors. Guests have been treated to celebrations ranging from Halloween, Valentine Trysts, Australia Day Dinners, Conferences, Easter Extravaganzas and Wintry Christmas Indulgences.

The barn has now transformed into an Aladdin’s cave of Christmas decorations, books and all manner of interesting goods for sale. It is here that our guests enjoy a country breakfast surrounded by a multitude of sparkling and colourful wares