Lower Oddington

Intimate, spacious and romantic…


A secluded luxury hideaway with a English feel, 4.8m high vaulted, limed pine ceilings with high dormer  windows, and private facilities. The elegant charm is so welcoming for each guest as they step inside. The spa is hidden away, as is the modern intrusion of the DVD player and the LCD TV.

Glowing rich polished English colours are highlighted. The bedboard uses 107year old cypress pine timber felled on the property in 2002. Mood lighting and the reverse cycle air-conditioning creates a wonderful mood and atmosphere. Soak in the two person spa, dry using towels from a heated towel rail. Wrap in the fluffy towelling robe and then curl up, cosseted amongst cushions and read, watch LCD TV and DVD, and track the stars across the night sky or just romance away the time with each-other.


En-suite and spa, air-conditioning, luxury linen, books, microwave, refrigerator, tea and coffee, wine glasses, its own kitchenette, heated towel rail, hair dryer, towelling robes, stereo system, LCD TV and DVD player, DVDs, a 4.8m high vaulted ceiling to the moon and back, river views, mood lighting, and deep wingback chairs.

A gourmet full breakfast is included in the price.


When Jenny was only six, she dreamt (constantly) of having a little house with dormer windows and black & white cows. She missed out on the cows, but proved that most dreams can come true, even if only partially so. (All those monster dreamers will be glad!!) Recently, she accompanied Kenny on his big adventure where they sought comfort without distraction.

In Lower Oddington, they discovered a place with most of the attributes, and realised in a trice that yet a new formula at Ford House could be added and offered….. where guests may not be seen until dusk….or even until check out. So, now, there is luxury at its best.