The Green Room

History, luxury and charm…for one!


Jenny and Ken have faithfully recreated the charm of times gone by in the Green Room. With magazines, TV, solid oak furniture, a single bed for one person. The bed is clothed with a down filled damask doona, lots of cushions, and there is a towelling robe, heater and heated towel rail all adding to the feeling of tranquillity and peace in the Green room. French doors which open onto a terrace, all add to its classic charm.

It shares the bathroom next door, with the Rose & Jarrah Rooms.

History of the Green Room:

Built in 1896, this gracious home provides an wonderful reminder of days gone by. Set in five acres of garden & parkland, there is a gentle feeling of a traditional English country garden estate. The Green room, with its 3.6m high ceiling started life as a private dining room, where Mrs. Rose served dinner, as the room opposite, now the Dining Room, used to be the kitchen. For many years, there was a beehive in the chimney every summer, with honey seeping down into the room. This (un)fortunately is no longer the case.

The Green Room has a unique bedside table, that was used as a cabinetted basin in the days before running water. The French doors open onto roses, hydrangeas and fuchsias, overlooking the river.

Some of the 46 bird species dance through that part of the garden.

Ford House:

Comfortable chesterfield lounges, a slow ticking clock, an extensive library and a log fire lulls guests into a sense of history, as if the first magistrate of the southwest, W.A.G. Walter, was still resting in the Sitting-room. Grand Victorian drapes frame the view from the bay windows and French doors to the ancient English oak and the mighty Blackwood River.

Next door, the Queensland cedar dining table is reflected by the wall cabinet filled with crystal and cup and saucer sets. This leads to the jarrah lined kitchen where limited cooking, a refrigerator and tea and coffee facilities are available. Genuine relaxation is inevitable in the century old homestead.

Breakfast is the ideal place for the retreat….. in the century old barn.

Come take a walk by the river, visit the island, browse in the library or simply relax with afternoon tea. Take time on the verandah, or perhaps in the garden surrounding Ford House.