Things to do at Ford House

Forget your everyday life ~ play a game of scrabble ~ do nothing ~ pamper each other ~ read a good book ~ relax under the oak ~ watch the river go by nestled in the grass ~ contemplate your navel ~ take tea at Pamela’s nook ~ stroll around the garden ~ play chess ~ weed a little ~ eat a whole box of chocolates without guilt ~ write to old friends ~ daydream ~ make paper boats float down river ~ have an afternoon nap ~ spot a scarlet robin ~ sleep in ~ have a picnic under the sheoaks ~ smell the roses ~ sketch the view ~ indulge at Wag Walters Emporium ~ meditate ~ mediate ~ drive on a scenic drive ~ breathe in the fog as it drifts from the river in the early morn ~ sit by the fire ~ read a children’s book ~ sweep the verandahs ~ play dominoes ~ name the waterfall on Geegeelup Brook ~ eat a hearty breakfast ~ compare life histories ~ have a TimTam slam ~ meander through the camellias ~ sew a patchwork quilt ~ read the paper from cover to cover ~ walk to the Rectory and back ~ plan your future ~ massage tired muscles ~ have a BBQ ~ feed the geese ~ watch TV ~ eat fruit straight from the tree ~ play cards ~ embroider a doily ~ watch the river go by ~ outstare a frog ~ start a journal ~ and …..Just enjoy!